About Us

Learn, acquire, and discover within NSBM Green University, the first-ever green university in South Asia, renowned for its world-class academic offerings.
Gather inspiration through the University and its vast expanse spread across 26 acres. Currently housing 11,000+ students, this massive university complex was built with the intention of providing an opportunity for both national and international students to have a fully-fledged education in Sri Lanka.

NSBM Green University is a government-owned institution, offering a plethora of International and NSBM-owned, UGC-approved degrees in Management, Computing, Engineering, Design, Law and the Sciences. Our university has had the opportunity to forge strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top-notch universities, including Plymouth University, UK, Victoria University, Australia, and The University of Western Australia, Australia.
Moreover, With the intention of offering our students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, the ultimate university experience, NSBM encompasses many facilities and amenities, including state-of-the-art lecture halls, fully equipped laboratories, design studios, student accommodation, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, an auditorium, and a sprawling sports ground.
This forward-thinking entity, with its diverse community of students and highly qualified academic staff, presents you with a global platform that offers an exciting and inspiring venture, guaranteed to be a personally enriching experience. We believe that to be successful in a globalizing society, it is important to learn and immerse in foreign cultures and develop an understanding of diversity. Thus, at NSBM Green University we staunchly believe the best way to acquire this awareness is through real experiences and exposure to different cultures.
Moreover, inspired by the vision of making Sri Lanka the best educational hub in Asia NSBM Green University has been at the forefront of this pursuit and has had the opportunity of hosting numerous foreign students, a small cohort of full-time students, and larger cohorts for Summer/Winter school programs, and Global Camps. With this expertise and capacity to skillfully handle the international market, we guarantee an experience of a lifetime and an amazing investment for the future, right here in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka!
Thus, multiple opportunities await all participants, from discovering a passion to be a scholar to finding their way to change the world. Whatever path they choose, students shall have a learning experience that makes a true and lasting impact.