Tour Package : Down-South

Distance from Homagama to Galle : 109 km 

Travelling Time: 1 hr. 21 min via Southern Expy/E01 

Say “Shell Yeah!” to the beautiful Southern coasts of Sri Lanka. However, white, secluded beaches are only a fraction of the beauty Down South has to offer. Your route will include a visit to a Sea Turtle Hatchery, Dutch Fort – Galle ; built by Portuguese and later fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century. The tour will mark your memories with the stunning view of the scenic stretch of golden sands in the Jungle beach.

Places to Visit:

Urawatte Sea Turtle Hatchery

Sea turtles have played a vital role in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years. These roles range from maintaining productive coral reef ecosystems to transporting essential nutrients from the oceans to beaches and coastal dunes. In order to protect the health of the sea it is important to protect sea turtles.

Dutch Fort – Galle

At first built by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century during their triumphs, the fort was subsequently conquered by the Dutch in the seventeeth century, until it later got captured by the British. The old town of Galle was once utilized as an exchanging port for spices and different merchandise for more than 200 years.

The Galle fort is a wonderful UNESCO World Legacy Site and is a living landmark, occupied by a clamoring local area, inside the incredible defenses, monstrous strongholds and pepper pot towers. The once sleeping Galle Stronghold is currently a powerful region with an unmistakably Mediterranean environment.

Regardless of whether you’re not a cultural enthusiast, the structures inside Galle fort itself will blow your mind. The fort is a huge landmark, and inside its walls, you’ll track down a choice of interesting historical centers and wonderful holy places. Try not to miss the glorious clock tower that stands high over the fort, overlooking the ocean.

Roomassala Temple and Jungle beach

Rumassala is a delightful mountain found 3 KM east to Galle town, Southern Territory of Sri Lanka which is straightforwardly connected to the Ramayana yatra Sri Lanka. As per the Ramayana trail visit Sri Lanka, this strange geological piece accepted to be tumbled down when Hanuman conveyed the Dronagiri on his trip back to Lanka Pura to utilize lifesaving Sanjeevani spices there, to safeguard Lakhshmana and Rama who needed this clinical plant to be treated after experiencing extreme wounds at their conflict. Therefore, Rumassala is one of the five Sanjivani Mountains in Sri Lanka and significant Sri Lanka Ramayana visit site.

Jungle Beach is a beautiful bay encircled by wilderness situated in Rumassala, northwest of Unawatuna where you can spend in an extraordinary day of sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming.